Inspired by clean healthy living, ECOS was born

50多年前, our founder 范Vlahakis made a commitment to create safer cleaning products that protect the health and wellbeing of both people and the planet. 这仍然是我们今天的使命.

Van’s legacy continues with his daughter, CEO 凯利Vlahakis-Hanks. 在她的领导下, 生态系统实现了气候积极效应, becoming the world’s first company to make its products in carbon neutral, water neutral and TRUE Platinum Zero Waste facilities. Our commitment to combating climate change grows stronger than ever.

1953 美国梦

Our founder 范Vlahakis arrives in NYC from Greece with $23 in his pocket. 他的家乡和它的纯洁, plant-powered approach to cleaning will provide future inspiration for the creation of ECOS.

1967 企业家精神

After several years working as a chemist in the cleaning products industry, Roosevelt University alum 范Vlahakis recognizes the negative health effects of the harsh chemical ingredients used in most cleaning products. 他开了自己的保险柜, greener cleaning products company in his garage in Chicago and opens his first facility in Bensenville, IL.

1977 欢迎来到加州

We open our first West Coast facility in Huntington Beach, 加州, to meet the demand for safer cleaning products in the growing environmental movement.

1988 ECOS家族不断壮大

To help reduce shipping distances and minimize our carbon footprint, we add our first East Coast facility in Westwood, 新泽西.

1990 ECOS 洗衣 Detergent becomes our flagship product
2008 ECOS被美国认可.S. 环境安全环保局

We earn the EPA’s highest level of recognition in the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative for the use of safer surfactants that are non-polluting and help protect aquatic life.

2010 来自伊利诺伊州的绿色问候

We unveil our newest Midwestern Division facility in Addison, 伊利诺斯州, equipped with the largest commercial solar panel array in the state at the time.

2010 ECOS receives 加州’s highest environmental honor

加州 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger bestows on us the Governor’s Environmental & 经济领袖奖(GEELA), 认可我们节约资源的努力, protect the environment and bolster local economies.

2011 ECOS opens its doors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

We locate our new Northwestern Division in Lacey, 华盛顿, to reduce shipping distances to the northwestern U.S. and Canada, bringing us one step closer to carbon neutrality.

2012 Van’s green legacy makes it to the silver screen

A Green Story, a major motion picture about ECOS founder’s life and work, premieres.

2012 ECOS接收美国.S. 环保署100%可再生能源奖

The EPA’s Green Power Leadership program recognizes our leadership in the use of renewable energy, helping advance the market for green power and the development of renewable electricity sources.

2013 回家真好

We return to our roots in the beautiful country of Greece, 在雅典开设办事处, expanding our international reach and reducing our carbon footprint.

2013 ECOS成为碳中性

We achieve carbon neutrality by switching all our facilities to 100% renewable energy and dramatically reducing our transportation emissions. In the process, we offset over 28 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

2014 延续家族遗产

After 范Vlahakis’ passing, his daughter 凯利Vlahakis-Hanks is named President and CEO.

2014 ECOS raises its minimum wage to $17, one of the highest in the industry

True sustainability means not just protecting the environment but also supporting workers, 他们的家庭, 社区和经济.

2015 ECOS receives TRUE Platinum Zero Waste certification

我们在美国的四家工厂中的每一家.S. diverts over 95% of its waste from landfills and incineration by reducing, 重用, 回收, and most of all rethinking our approach to waste.

2016 ECOS opens its new corporate headquarters in sunny Cypress, CA

Our flagship manufacturing facility officially opens its doors on Earth Day. The Cypress building runs on 100% clean energy and includes a solar panel garden – perfect for our HQ’s sunny Southern 加州 location.

2016 ECOS变成水中性

可持续发展达到了一个新的里程碑! After years of dedication to reducing our water use and supporting water restoration programs, we achieve the final step in the trifecta of sustainable manufacturing (carbon neutral, 水中性及零废物).

2017 ECOS celebrates 50 years of sustainable cleaning

We celebrate our 50th anniversary with local leaders and community partners at each of our facilities and by investing in a more sustainable future as we establish the Vlahakis Organic Chemistry Lab at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where students research green chemistry and products based on renewable resources.

2018 ECOS被公认为最佳工作场所

合作文化, 可持续发展的使命, exceptional benefits and a supportive work environment, we earn recognition in the Orange County Register’s annual list of top workplaces.

2020 ECOS被命名为U.S. EPA年度安全选择合作伙伴

Thanks to our innovations in the development of safer products, the U.S. EPA names ECOS its 安全的选择 Partner of the Year for the fourth time.

2021 LEED零

ECOS becomes first manufacturer in the nation to achieve LEED零 Carbon, LEED零 Energy & LEED零废物

2022 好铂

ECOS becomes the first manufacturer in the world to receive Platinum-level WELL Building certification